Letter-letter-#####, like so: PH07123. The only one that its close to is the Japan Custom Shop 2004 to present. It seems to fit most closely to the MIJ Music Craft, but with the additipn of a J. Facebook. In 2001 the Kaohsiung Factory system changed to a 3 letter, 6 number system as follows: The first 2 numbers are the day of the month. This example serial number was the 23rd guitar built on the 14th day of September in either 1973, 1983 or 1993. And I look forward to having them move the piano again, once we decide where to buy our next house in due course. The second letter indicates the month. This Yamaha has a body that is made of satin black fiberglass. hello i have a yamaha fg 180 red label nippon gakki serial 735920 can anyone please tell me how old this guitar is? Many thanks indeed! Your email address will not be published. it?s the fact that the serial numbers actually repeat every decade ? The first 2 numbers represent the day of the month so this is pretty straight forward. this information will usually be found next the serial number and will say ?made in..? Total price: Add both to Cart. Being able to maintain your guitar can make a significant difference in the quality of sound produces. Check out these best patch cables A pedalboard is connected, Read More Best Patch Cables In 2023Continue, Your email address will not be published. #####. The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar comes with accurate fret positioning, whereby metal strips are inserted into the fingerboard. It concerns all Yamaha Motorcycle models from 1995 untill 2012. Example: hm02316 = the 316th unit made on June 2 of 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, or 2001. $25 Aus charity shop???? 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, J???????????? This can make it challenging to invest in a specific brand of sound appliances to suit your needs. The Yamaha F310 has a nice sounding sound. So because of the models history, and your serial no 735920, suggest it was made in 1973, on 9 May, and was the 20th guitar made on the day. You will also notice that any savvy guitar owner is aware of these tips. This auditorium design is full from top to bottom.Unlike the popular look of a cutout, which is a missing piece where the fretboard meets the body, the F310 has a full guitar bodywith the primary intent of improving sound. hi, i have G-230 nylon sn 1159100 Taiwan could you please tell me the age ? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Letter-letter-letter-###-letter, like so: QLY111C. Anyway, let?s start with how the main system works ? The first two numbers are the year; 00=2000. For SG, SX, and BB series. Or, you can even use its appeal to potential clients about your skills in music production. The third letter is the month; M=June. The guitars sound quality does vary with different recordings. Thank you. Is Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar good for beginners? Many people who are just starting out find that learning the basic techniques is a bit too much to handle. Tenryu/Wada Factory, Made in Japan, 1985-1986: More importantly, learning about these tips DIY will help you save lots of extra cash that you would spend on a professional service. It s not a large investment for beginners. The letter at the beginning represents the month, so J would be March (see chart above). If your upright piano is taller than 45" it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan. I would contact Yamaha and see if they know maybe send them a picture of the guitar and the serial number (if you can get an angle that can take a picture of the serial number). ,I have found info on FS310s but nothing on a FS311 series. Helpful staff, although not terribly knowledgeable. Thanks to your info, I now know it was purchased around 1980, serial number is : 80602404 which tells me it was the 404th one made on 2/6/80. This can make it challenging to invest in a specific brand of sound appliances to suit your needs. It is, Read More 5 Best Electro-Acoustic GuitarsContinue, Is a disorganized pedal board making tasks difficult? It has pearl pickguards as well. ?, now I think the 97-99, But those are 9 number , and so cannot work it out which year, any help on this appreciated, forgot to mention, open backed tuners on this model . (Ver. Thanks for your message. "@context": "http://schema.org", (Their numbering system began with H for 1.). The serial number is 70613019. Hopefully, this will help many of you! The Best (Affordable) Acoustic Guitars for Beginners, According. With such a unique physical architecture, moving around with the guitar is always exciting. The first two letters are the year; Q=0 and I=2, so 2002. If its part of the Made in Indonesia YMMI (Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia) 1990-1996 then it would be: The 627th Guitar built on August 20, 1992, Hi, Can someone help me please. "url": "https://sixstringacoustic.com/yamaha-guitar-serial-numbers-what-can-they-tell-you", 1999, Made in Taiwan Kaohsiung Factory 1971-2001, Made in Indonesia YMMI (Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia) 1990-1996. The first 2 letters represent the year in this case. , 4 year experience with musical instruments. Took great care in dismantling and packing the piano , moving it to its new home and re assembling it. Any help in identifying the the manufacture date would be appreciated. The third letter is the month. It has a deep and mellow tone that you will definitely love playing. The second two numbers are the month; here, May. Also, they are extremely light, which makes them easy to handle. It has a warm tone that comes from using strings that are thicker than most models on the market. The third letter is the month; L=May. the pitch pipe is useless. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); It could be that you are wondering whether you are in the right place. Yeah, that number doesnt seem to fit into any of these systems. Simply enter your Yamaha piano serial number to find out when and where the Yamaha piano was made or look at the full listings of piano serial numbers. One aspect of that consistency is that every single genuine Yamaha instrument will have a serial number, with which one could trace the instruments origins. I have done lots of work for The Piano Shop Bath on a professional basis and can highly recommend them on every level! The letter is the month; February (see chart). However, one challenge is that the consumer market has many different options available. Prior to shipment, Jonhad brought to our attention several blemishes on the case, which had been expertly fixed by the Piano Shop prior to shipment; we cannot detect those spots even upon close inspection.We had watched online videos of brand new pianos being uncrated from other dealers and felt that the crating/packing of our instrument was even more substantial and protective.Our piano came in under our budget (and much lower than what we would have paid from a local dealer) and we loved working with Jon and all the people at the Piano Shop.Plus, we have a better story to tell than just going to a local shop and buying a piano! Established in 1981, Yamaha Indonesia builds pianos to the same high standards for which all Yamaha instruments are renowned. It has an Eton-action which is hard with a firm grip. Due to the complexity of my old house it took 4 attempts to achieve the result, including cutting a hole in the ceiling, but they didn't give up. Any ideas on when it was made, Hello there, I have a Yamaha G-50A Nippon Gakki classical guitar serial number 1624131 made in Japan I believe. Equipped with such information and you can be in a better position to make the most of your contemporary guitar. Outside the USA, please visit the link below to find contact information by country. The fourth and fifth numbers are the day; 18th. I have a Yamaha FG-160, having trouble with the truss rod,I cannot straiten the neck.I have turned the nut clock wise as far as it will go.Any suggests. Pre-Owned. What is the most expensive bass guitar in the world? Here?s the system that Yamaha uses for their acoustic guitar serial numbers and what those numbers can tell you about your guitar. The last 4 numbers represent the unit number. The third and fourth letters are the date; QH=01. It has a unique tonewood construction, and it is also designed to be kind on the hands. The sales staff were really helpful without being pushy. Letter-letter-letter-####-letter, like so: QKJ0011Y. The Guitardater Project cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar, The first two numbers are the day; 18th. In the decoder above, Position 4 through to 8 inclusive is commonly . Made in Korea and Made in China, 2003-: The tuner is also portable and lightweight, and it is operated by a battery. Using the chart, N=1997 and K=April. "@type": "ListItem", My husband passed and left me with two this one and a Fender plus a Japanese one also. Where are my Serial# and Model# located? You can unsubscribe from it at any time. $11. Your listing is good but mine is also different. The Yamaha F310 is an extremely playable guitar, and an instrument perhaps best described as the ultimate all-rounder. You can play this guitar for long sessions, without any strains or compromise in performance. If your piano is any other grand piano it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan. Staff were attentive when asked, but left us to it otherwise. The piano was made in Europe and is no longer being made after 1988. But the real star of this little guitar is its "Pro Tuner ," a feature that changes the pitch of the strings to great effect. Thanks! (That first letter is an oh not a zero.) The fifth and sixth numbers are the day; 18th. Neck width: 1.69 in: Scale length: 24.96 in: Size: 4/4: Materials. The second letter is the month; N=July. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007. Yamaha FG800 Review: The Most Popular Acoustic Guitar for Beginner, How to Change Classical Guitar Strings: A Step-by-Step Guide, Top 3 Acoustic Guitars Under $100 of 2020. M=June. instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used. The first number is the year; 1998. It has given me some nearly 40 years of playing pleasure.. no gigging now, just playing at home.. but still makes my playing seem a lot better than it actually is.. HelpI have a Yamaha acoustic made in Taiwan with the coding of FG-441CE TBS and the serial of 58629482. can you help on the date of manufacture please. A brilliant service. This was a 2 letter, 3 number, then 1 letter system. It is an FG-180 with a reddish/orange label that says Nippon Gakki. The final letter is an internal code. RockJam RJGS01 Universal Portable A-frame Guitar Stand for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar, Black, 11.0 in*1.9 in*13.7 in. I have one of the first Yamaha CJ838S accoustic guitars fabulous instrument solidly played and gigged since purchase sound just gets better and better and never adjusted.. Back when I bought it , it cost me GBP225 a lot of money then when I bought it which I thought was around 1976. I would recommend them to anyone. . Letter-letter-letter-######, like so: QIM180013. As such, the unique physical design makes it easy to play the strings with compromising the sound quality. The last three numbers are the unit number. Because there are duplicates used in these serial number systems its hard to know the precise year, unless you know which decade its in. This uses a 3 letter, 3 number, 1 letter system. Three letters, six numbers, like so: QIM183112. If yours doesn?t you?ll need to keep reading to decipher it. Is Yamaha acoustic guitar good for beginners? The fourth and fifth numbers represent the day of the month. However, before we made our decision, Jon listened carefully to what we wanted, answered all of our questions, and provided us with numerous pictures, videos and even sound clips (from Diana, a Piano Shop Pianist).

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