Lambert doggedly appealed her case. [25], Lambert's lawyers presented correspondence between Lambert and Yunkin that they claimed proved that Lambert had not been involved in the murder and that Yunkin had asked her to lie for him. 2023 Trib Total Media | All Rights Reserved, Western Pennsylvania's trusted news source. "It's upsetting to think of her being in jail that long. No grandchildren to hold. The convicted killer earned a college degree behind bars, where she has spent almost all of her adult life, save for a 10-month period of freedom. *g At another store, Lambert and a group of friends reportedly approached Laurie and threatened her in front of her mother. In November Show and some friends went shopping at East Town Mall. There are 100+ professionals named "Lisa Michelle", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Yunkin agreed to testify against Lambert, stating that she and Buck had slit Show's throat after the two had punctured one of Show's lungs. [24] A previous boyfriend of Lambert's confirmed that he had witnessed Yunkin "yank [Lambert] into a room", at which point Yunkin began yelling at her. She had studied at Santa Monica City College and was employed as the Ranch Manager at St. Bonnie's Animal. Police found the trio at a local bowling alley later that day, where they were known to hang out. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. The sci-fi family drama, about a mother (Michelle Yeoh) fighting to save the universe [] "Everything Everywhere All at Once" swept the 2023 Gold Derby Film Awards. Aug. 24, 2001 -- A federal judge not only holds the fate of convicted murderer Lisa Michelle Lambert in his hands, but also his tarnished reputation. [10] Lambert and Buck would later recant their initial statements, with Lambert claiming that an abusive Yunkin had encouraged her to harass and assault Show. The couple divorced in 2009, local court records show. Wiki User. Along with that, Lamberts attorneys shared more than two dozen examples of investigative and prosecutorial misconduct. [2] Her classmates Lisa Michelle Lambert, Tabitha Buck, and Lawrence "Butch" Yunkin were all subsequently charged with her murder. Because you are viewing this site from a location address that appears to be covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ("CCPA"), many of the features of -- like videos and social media elements -- are disabled. The highest court refused to hear Lambert's case in 2005. Crime scene experts also testified that no evidence of Show writing any initials in her blood was found, and that other evidence discovered at the crime scene did not corroborate Lambert's story.[6]. 416 pp. Hazel Whitehead left her home 20 years ago today for what she thought was an appointment with her daughter's guidance counselor at school. Lisa Michelle Lambert was sentenced 22 years ago to life without parole for slashing the throat of 16-year-old Laurie Show at the victim's East Lampeter Township home. Khlo Kardashian shares several clips on Wednesday, freestyling with her 4-year-old daughter, True Thompson, about being 'fancy girls.' Lisa Thomson and Michelle Thomson are a team of Realtor Sisters on The Amazing Race 25. Whitehead called the police, who said nothing could be done because everyone had left the scene. Most likely she still has no remorse for her actions. That summer Show and Yunkin started hanging out and spending time together. She had so many hopes and dreams, all taken away at the age of 16. Both of his parents have died since Laurie's death. Lisa Michelle Lambert is also to be considered an evil bigot whose racist hatred and racist prejudice and racist bigotry is especially directed towards African-American men or Black men whose skin color and skin pigmentation she is greatly opposed to with great racist detest and great racist disgust. 2. Most of all, we must remember the innocent victims, whose lives were taken, have no ability to appeal or receive a new sentence.. Welcome to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) landing page. A 1992 trial followed, and Lambert chose to have her case heard solely by a judge. [12] Dalzell's ruling was later overturned in January 1998 by a federal appeals panel that stated that Lambert had "not yet exhausted her appeals in state court" and Lambert was taken back to prison. Various witnesses were called to testify against Lambert, including the detective that had overseen the 1991 murder case as well as Lambert's accomplices, Buck and Yunkin. Show, 60, retired from his job working for a farm machinery manufacturer a few years ago, but then got called back to work. Rainville said she has never wavered in her belief that Lambert is innocent. Thanks for sharing. When Whitehead appeared at the school, the person she was allegedly supposed to meet with wasnt there. The police quickly fingered three participants in the heinous crime: Lawrence "Butch" Yunkin as the getaway driver, Tabitha Buck as the one . Lisa Michelle Lambert, who was released from New Jersey prison in April 1997 after Federal Judge Stewart Dalzell declared her innocent of murdering Laurie Show, is returned to prison to await . But problems quickly arose, with prosecutors and the defense suspicious of Yunkins testimony. Adam Lambert may have only just been in London, but he's already set himself up to play an iconic venue in the capital this summer. She keeps things to herself, she added. You would think that she would be a better person and show more kindness to others. She gets up and faces every day and tries to make it the best she can. Rainville also made a point that Lambert would probably never step foot in Lancaster again for she is going to try and avoid the harassment that was bound to come with her freedom. Looking at pictures of Laurie, she always had a smile on her face and you could see that she was just a nice kid who didnt deserve this. Greenberg remains retired, she said. Her memories remain vivid. No one to walk down the aisle. Support local journalism. ounK9;^hwlQRDS;lve]?G'[T6[7 r2(^JL j"Q(@b\lbVN&'!7+:ofpKvg3wJ:P.zKKKb8FF@;V3dj7v`I k/Dx"t*s\_V@3Un#U8z:M2Rcw*@/d2D,k+awO$kE|EM\w,2#I64^!u>B"y$&j{rP`@lXsnj]@=K uV2;2fPIEF#* However, Lisa . Laurie Show was a 16-year-old sophomore at Conestoga Valley High School who was stalked by her classmates and murdered on December 20, 1991, in the United States. Lancaster County Judge Lawrence Stengel got the case. [23], Lambert now testified that Yunkin had participated in the murders, choking Show. [3] Shortly after his final date with Show, Yunkin resumed dating Lambert, who was pregnant with his child. ". I admire Mrs. Show-Whitehead for the strength she has displayed all these years. "I remember the high level of emotion," said Stengel, now a U.S. District Court judge who has offices in Philadelphia and Reading. Yunkin claimed he didnt realize the gravity of what happened. [12] U.S. District Judge Stewart Dalzell presided over the trial. On that day, he asked Dalzell if Lambert could be reimprisoned or placed on bail during her pending appeal. The neighbor rushed upstairs and reached for the phone, it didnt work for the chord was tied around Lauries legs. She was born July 27, 1958 in San Francisco, CA. 3,789 records for Lisa Lambert. Her daughter's photos remain in her house. She alleged prosecutors tampered with evidence to frame her for the murder so they could silence her about an alleged gang rape by police, a charge later rejected by the court. Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the murder of 16-year-old Laurie Show, shown here in a file photo. Their rulings were overruled by other courts. Instead, as the 10th anniversary of Laurie Show's murder approaches, her family faces After 28 years behind bars, Tabitha Buck, a midstate woman who was 17 when she killed a high school classmate is slated for release on Dec. 21. Whitehead and Show also have not heard much about Buck in recent years. Lambert Writes Book. Lambert called Laurie's home, harassed her and made plans to cut off her hair, Whitehead and other witnesses said. Show met Lambert in the spring of 1991 at a neighbors house. Laurie worked at a store in a local mall, where investigators said Lambert began swearing at her in front of customers regularly. They were scared, said Whitehead. While in prison, Lambert earned a degree from Boston University, graduating with honors, Rainville said. Everybody says Laurie dated him, they werent dates, confirmed Whitehead. Clear & Convincing: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vs Allegations of misconduct earn her freedom, Lisa Michelle Lambert leaves her lawyer's office in Philadelphia in this April 24, 1997, file photo. Yunkin and Lambert got back together shortly after the holiday. By immunizing police and prosecution witnesses from cross-examination, this court has made it impossible for my client to present her case, one attorney said at the time. Support and info page on the wrongful conviction of Lisa Michelle lambert. Whitehead told Show that she was called to the school. It was 7:07, I wrote the teacher a note that said, I was here, if you need me I will come back,' added Whitehead. Rainville said she did not want to discuss the personal details of Lambert's life. [36], In 2000, the murder was adapted into a TV film entitled The Stalking of Laurie Show (also known by the title Rivals outside of the US). She not only took the life of a sweet, lovely girlshe also ruined the lives of Laurie Shows family. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Lisa Michelle Lambert is 39 years old and lives inside a Massachusetts prison. "Life goes on," she said. He speaks to others who have lost loved ones, and hosts an annual candlelight service for them. Any other time they are nosy busy bodies, but that morning they chose not to go in and see whats wrong, said a choked-up Whitehead. Buck originally was sentenced to life in prison for the Dec. 20, 1991 murder of 16-year-old Laurie Show in Lancaster Countys Lampeter Township. Rainville and Greenberg retired to Vermont in 2005, the same year that the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Lambert's case. . Lisa Lambert in Maryland. The case also helped to spawn state anti-stalking laws in Pennsylvania. [32], In 2007 Lambert appeared in court to sue the correctional institution over claims that she was raped and assaulted by state prison staff in 1996. The three suspects and Lancaster County prosecutors agree on only two things: Laurie Show was killed, and all three suspects were involved in some way or another. The county judge who heard her case and declared her guilty - twice - became a federal judge who works in the same courthouse as the federal judge who freed Lambert after declaring her "actually innocent.". Laurie Michelle Snow was murdered in her home in East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster County on December 20, 1991. LISA MICHELLE LAMBERT@INSTAGRAM.COM. You need to talk about it, it keeps them with you. Though 20 years have passed, for them, the loss of their daughter seems like it happened just yesterday. The elements of it - the teenage love triangle, the "lurid allegations" of prosecutorial misconduct - made it a riveting case. She volunteered for a while at her children's elementary school, volunteered at a public defender's office and then, bored, decided to go back to work. In 2007, Pennsylvania paid her $35,000 to settle her allegations of sexual abuse by prison guards. The defense argued that Lambert had not participated in the act, that she had been sent out of the room by Yunkin, and that Lambert had unquestioningly obeyed Yunkins orders due to battered woman syndrome. Both John Show and Whitehead agreed that talking about their daughter is how they cope with the pain of losing her. The federal appeals court ruled that Dalzell should have never heard the case, as Lambert had not exhausted her state appeals prior to going before him. Tabitha Buck is 37 and housed at a state prison for women in Muncy in northeastern Pennsylvania, where she has tutored other inmates as she serves out a life sentence that began before she graduated from high school. Here are the families linked to the case. The time they spent together before then, Yunkin date-raped Show. Police said . In early June, Lambert broke up with her long-term boyfriend Lawrence Yunkin even though she was pregnant with his child. Lambert wasnt a juvenile when the murder occurred and so is serving a life prison term without parole, although she continues to fight her conviction. Her parents, Leonard and Judy, obtained custody of the child. The best result we found for your search is Lisa Lyn Lambert age 50s in Severn, MD. [16], Lambert appealed the 1992 conviction, and in 1997, appeared in court for a federal habeas corpus hearing. Laurie Show was a 16-year-old sophomore at Conestoga Valley High School who was stalked by her classmates and murdered on December 20, 1991, in the United States. There was a book and television movies. LISA MICHELLE LAMBERT@FACEBOOK.COM. In 1997, after a three-week federal hearing, U.S. District Judge Stewart Dalzell freed her, saying she was "actually innocent" and noting there was "wholesale prosecutorial misconduct" in the handling of her case. Photo courtesy of LancasterOnline. "It hurts," he said. At the time of Bucks release, Lambert was making new efforts to be released, but her docket sheets show the Pa. Supreme Court denied her 2013 petition for appeal. Shortly after, Show bled to death. Rainville stated that she always knew Lambert was innocent and that justice in America was served that day. [33] Lambert received a $35,000 settlement, with the guard accused of assaulting her serving a .mw-parser-output .frac{white-space:nowrap}.mw-parser-output .frac .num,.mw-parser-output .frac .den{font-size:80%;line-height:0;vertical-align:super}.mw-parser-output .frac .den{vertical-align:sub}.mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px}1+12- to 3-year sentence. Whitehead said she receives an occasional restitution payment from Yunkin. LISAMICHELLELAMBERT99@AOL.COM. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. On Dec. 20, 1991, 16-year-old Laurie Show was found in her East Lampeter Township condo with her throat slit, a rope around her neck and multiple stab wounds. When in court Lambert stated that she had always been called by her middle name and her first was actually in fact, Lisa. Buck was granted parole on December 21, 2019. Jonathan Majors chats with ET's Nischelle Turner about starring in 'Creed III,' in theaters March 3. In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed life-imprisonment sentences for minors, which led to Buck being resentenced in 2017. Whats funny is that Lisa, herself was bullied very badly as a child. There has been no graduation from high school or college to celebrate. There is not a day that goes by that I dont talk about her in someway, said Whitehead. It was a rough moment but Madenspacher, now a Lancaster County judge, said he was "virtually 100 percent certain" at the time that the full court would reverse Dalzell's decision. 96-6244 MEMORANDUM Dalzell, J. April 21, 1997 Lisa Lambert has petitioned this Court for a writ of habeas corpus, alleging, among other things, that she is actually innocent of the first degree murder for which she was convicted [15] Yunkin received a lesser sentence for his testimony and was granted parole in 2003. Life marched on for Show's parents, John Show and Hazel Whitehead, who lost their only daughter on Dec. 20, 1991. She has bounced around, spending time in prisons in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Jan Faustnaut was the first police officer to the scene. "Not one bit," she said. The national media descended on Lancaster for the hearing before Stengel. The bus usually picks her up around that time, said Whitehead. "You have to do your best to continue to do what you can to make your life better and to help others. That freedom date was set in August when Buck, now 45, was granted parole by the state. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. After Whitehead left her home, Yunkin dropped off Lambert and Buck nearby, according to trial testimony. Yunkin's probation ends today, on the 20th anniversary of Laurie's killing. At the other end of the spectrum, according to people that knew her, was the trash-talking, heavily made up, sometimes violent provocateur, Lisa Michelle Lambert. [13] Buck was convicted of similar charges, and both young women were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Laurie didnt want to hit her, she (Lambert) was pregnant.. She noticed that Show had been mouthing to Whitehead. Her boyfriend, Lawrence Yunkin, who drove the killers to Shows house, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison and was paroled in 2004. Lambert slit the young woman's throat and killed her in a fit of jealous rage, while Buck sat on Laurie's legs. The release sent shockwaves throughout the community, but Lambert, her family and her attorneys were thrilled. Joseph Madenspacher was the district attorney, the county's top prosecutor at the time. Good luck. Witnesses dropped out and evidence was prohibited. The fact is the commonwealth rigged the proceedings in the state trial to such an extent that it was a trial in name only, Dalzell wrote. If you believe you have been sent to this page by accident, you can delete your cookies and proceed to the site. A few weeks after the crime, an earring back was found in the room of Laurie Show , which was found to belong to Lawrence Yunkin. He enjoys his godchildren but thinks about the grandchildren he never will have. This has severely hindered her from seeing . If you disable cookies, this site will not work properly. Lambert began saying Yunkin was the real killer, not her. The case is perhaps the county's best-known murder case. Yunkin had briefly dated Laurie, during a time he had broken up with Lambert. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. On July 20, 1992, Michelle Lambert was found guilty of first degree murder and criminal conspiracy. While in police custody, the detectives and police take notes and photographs of all three suspects. She claimed that three officers with the East Lampeter Township Police department raped her, causing them to frame her for the crime. [5], On December 20, 1991, Laurie Show was discovered, fatally wounded, in her home by her mother. It's her reminder that he's out there, and that he has to think of her daughter from time to time, she said. [6] [22] Judge Lawrence F. Stengel oversaw the trial, he is also Lambert's trial judge from her first trial in 1992. : NO. Dateline 2017 Lisa Michelle Lambert The Murder of Laurie Show NBC Dateline Mysteries. Tabitha Buck testified that she got Laurie to open up the door that day and that she sat on Laurie's legs, while Michelle slit her throat. Investigators said Buck and then-19-year-old Lisa Michelle Lambert stabbed Show and slit her throat. [6] Hazel Show was not at home at the time of the attack, having been duped by the killers into going to the high school to speak to a guidance counselor. Both Lambert and Buck were charged with one count of criminal homicide and criminal conspiracy and committed to Lancaster County Prison without bail. Buck and 18-year-old Lisa Michelle Lambert lured Show's mother out of their apartment and slashed Show's throat. Ive been following this tragic story for years now. The phone cord tied around her legs, rope knotted around her neck, and a bloody bread knife lying beside her. because she briefly dated her boyfriend Lawrence 'Butch' Yunkin and she was jealous of Laurie [9] Initial statements from the three claimed that Yunkin had dropped Lambert and Buck off at Show's house, where the two girls murdered Show. The next morning, Dec. 20, Whitehead left for the meeting. Show had been doing her hair when she left. [33], On November 22, 2017, Buck was resentenced to a term of 28 years to life due to a Supreme Court ruling banning mandatory life sentences for juveniles. After many legal battles Lambert was found guilty by a federal judge Anita Brody of the Federal District Court in Philadelphia, and is now in jail for first-degree murder along with her accomplice Tabitha Buck. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). It was only moments later that Lisa Michelle Lambert and Lamberts friend who also had harassed Show, Tabitha Buck, showed up to the condo on 92 Black Oak Drive. Lauries father, John Show had been working in Philadelphia at the time of the murder. Shows mother found her dying daughter, who was able to identify her killers. (Page 4) Lisa Lambert is the Founder/CEO, and chairman of UPWARD, a global network of executive women. Another time, Laurie told her mother that Buck threatened her at the mall. I wonder what Lisa would say today if you interviewed her. Lambert looked very pregnant that day it should be noted. She then had a series of well-publicized appeals - one which reversed the federal judge - that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. [37], In 2001, writer and journalist Lyn Riddle wrote Overkill, a true-crime book about Show's murder and the resulting trials of Lambert and her accomplices.[38]. Hazel and I don't have any grandchildren. Both Spangler and the attendance officer had to later testify in court. In 1997, Lamberts appeal went in front of U.S. District Judge Stewart Dalzell. Hazel testified that at some point Yunkin date-raped Laurie, and the relationship ended. A history of stalking vs. a history of abuse. She gave birth to a daughter a few months later. [6][30] She exhausted her appeals in 2005.

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