[He stumbles into a woman's rump.] Ed soon defeats Eddy's brother by sending his trailer door flying into his face, knocking him out. ]Edd: "Is anyone there? Leave our friends alone!" He turns it, and the engine barely coughs. Can I join you? I'm taking you to my bro's house, smart guy. Whaddya think they did this time, Jimmy? He pushes Edd to the door, and a piece of toast falls off Edd's back. ]Ed: [holding up a half-eaten corn dog] "Breakfast, guys. Boulder. ]Ed: "Eddy!" [He yawns.] [Kevin blindly rubs at his eyes.] "[Eddy's feet pound the ground as he races to escape Kevin. Then, all the water, and Rolf, came pouring back into the empty whole in the ground. "Pain! Ed does understand. It crashes down on the sidewalk, and the rope goes slack, carving a straight line down the street. "[They land next to a river. [Eddy pulls himself out. Edd and Eddy, meanwhile, finally get the vent cover loose, and Eddy leaps in only to find that his brother bricked up the vents as well. "Splinter the Wonderwood:[Captain Melonhead turns his mask and can once again see. "Come back! Moo-moos there! ]Eddy: "Here, hold this!" The Kankers abduct Kevin, Nazz and Rolf before the Eds locate a coastal theme park the next morning called "Mondo A-Go Go", which Edd links to a postcard Eddy has from his brother. A seat from a Ferris wheel rises up, the Eds on it. ]Kevin: "Yo, Nazz! We'll show them!" "[Sarah and Jimmy race to the sidewalk just in time to see the car go by, followed immediately by Kevin, on his bike; Rolf, on his pig; and Nazz, running after them. "Eddy: "Don't milk it, Sockhead. Lay off him, man! "[He looks up and sees that Edd has labeled the entire campsite. [reaching him] "Are you all right? Ed! Rolf chases them. This continues until they enter the woods, where Jimmy slows, then stops. Lived a life of decency and principle! Elsewhere, Nazz throws Kevin's bicycle into a tree once she loses patience with him prioritizing it over her well-being while Jimmy and Sarah escape from the Kankers and are joined by Wilfred, who has abandoned Rolf after growing tired of his abrasive attitude. He is about to take a seat when the bus moves forward, sending him tumbling into a man's legs. Official Synopsis: "Four years later, and the Eds are still tortured and beaten on a daily basis. Seeing no one, he smiles. [She throws Jimmy down.] The other kids, having been moved by this apology, immediately realize that the rest of the Eds also wanted to be accepted like Eddy does and they rush forward as if to attack. [They enter a field of cows. ]Eddy: "Oh, Ed" [He holds out the item.] "Edd: "Sanctuary at long last! [She hurries after him. In a post-credits scene, Jonny is enraged after everyone turned against him and vows revenge. "Stop! During Ed's escape, he took off his shoe and used his sock to carry his possessions. I like you, girlfriend." The trailer shown building up to the premiere showed the Eds all putting on some sort of rings (used in many European EEnE ads) while it shows some of the scenes of the movie, including Eddy's Brother's car (with Kevin hanging onto the window of the car) crashing out of Eddy's House, the Eds sailing a boat, and Sarah with a cardboard camera. "Edd: [chuckling] "Agamushin. "[A thump comes and they turn to the source. ]Lee: "Why, you little brats! "Lee: "Heh. Fanfic Recs /. "Sarah: "Ah ah AAAAHH!!! "Ed: "I helped too! The scam, my brotherthiswhen am I gonna learn, Double D?" Check this" [He runs into Ed. Moo-moos everywhere! I DON'T BLAME YA! ]Sarah: [gleefully] "Yowzers! This references how the show changed from hand inking, to digital inking at the start of season five. [Ed, terrified, breaks out of the exhaust pipe and dives behind Eddy. He then tries to yank his arm free. [patting it] "Hello, Wilfred! bili_1495129829 Oct 26, 2022. "Eddy: "Poor little ol' Sockhead. [He begins to search for his sidekick.] "Ed: "Who? [A ladybug crawls onto Jimmy. After The Big Picture Show is an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic series by Flower princess11. Over there! A key! ]Rolf: "Run like well-worn stockings, Wilfred! "Marie: [eating croissant] "She's kinda homely, if you ask me. ]Eddy: "Ha! ]Kevin: [shoving her aside and examining the rat] "What is this, a joke? "Eddy: "Bro! ], [The Eds are walking through a field of sunflowers. "[The Eds stop in the middle of the factory. "Hey hey hey! "Please?" "[Nazz smiles. You're it! Eddy hails that the Eds are finally "In". [11] Matt Kapko of Animation World Network described the premiere of Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show as a "huge ratings success for Cartoon Network", noting that the premiere "earned double and triple-digit ratings and delivery gains among all kid demo[graphics]". ", [Nazz rubs two sticks together. Bunch of mascot-hating, lemon-sucking" [Ed takes his comic back. [He holds out a can. Kevin and Nazz arrive at the gag factory to find that the Eds have fled before they arrived. Nazz is smiling until a bug hits her. "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: [leaning towards his sidekick] "They did, didn't they?" - About . Duck Boat? The Eds reach Peach Creek Estates and blast through it, on the way wrecking some of the incomplete structures. ]Rolf: "Prepare for Rolf's water-laden bovine bladder! ]Sarah: "You've gotta get up, Jimmy! ]Eddy: "Ed!" What are you doing?" ]Captain Melonhead: "Whoa. "Edd: "You mean all this time"Ed: "That's more blubber than my mom's got! "Edd: [pointing at it] "Are those salt deposits from your lamentation? ], [As Kevin screams at the sky, the camera moves back to the park. [He throws the pipe away. Edd returned the hug. "[Kevin slams them a third time, and this time they spin in circles. We're not taking one more step until we deduce the whereabouts of your brother, Eddy! "[Splinter the Wonderwood has commandeered the bus. [He points to a loading dock for the building: the Lemon Brook Gag Factory. For example, in the TV movie for the series, Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Eddy was horrified by what was under his friend's hat, and Ed also asked Double D if whatever was under his head hurt. ", [May runs through the field of sunflowers, looking for their captives. But that's what you get for wrestling walruses. Everything I said about my brother was a lie. They're like such cowards. "[The postcard is a copy of the park's sign. [He looks for Edd. Good one, Marie. "[A gear wheel clatters to the floor and rolls out from a gap between two machines. It happens another time before Edd, Nat and Eddy grab Ed and pull him behind the pole. From here on out, it's nothing but smooth sailing! When the Eds manage to escape the Cul-de-Sac by the skin of their teeth and head off to find Eddy's legendary big brother, each of the wronged children swear vengeance, with Nazz and Kevin giving chase on Kevin's bike, Rolf riding Wilfred with the intent to lay down some righteous Old Country vengeance, and Jonny donning the mantle of Captain Melonhead in order to chase down some villains with the help of his sidekick, Splinter the Wonderwood! Pulling himself together] "That I regretfully con-fessto" [a few tears leak out] "I regretfully confess to my involvement in the inexcusable, unconscionable, reprehensible, abhorrent, detrimental, detestable, immoral, thoughtless, hurtful" [Edd's writing goes jagged, and he stops and wails.] "[Nazz grabs the whole sandwich and scarfs it. The camera then turns to Ed's room, where Ed, clearly in a panic, rushes in and immediately begins filling one of his socks with as many of his belongings as he can, including his Sponge Collection and some buttered toast. Feel free to make requests! Psst! ]Ed: "Uh-uh, Eddy, no autograph, no comic book. "Eddy: "As if! [Sarah grabs the apple from Jimmy and dangles it in front of the pig. This page was last edited on 9 February 2023, at 02:12. Suddenly, his door bursts open. Like the little shrinking eggplant Jimmy boy, Rolf cries and cries and cries! The Eds pile in, but the car won't start. "[The wooden bar breaks, and a foot kicks through the doorknob. Eddy's Brother then tried to pull Eddy from it. The other kids are sickened by Eddy's brother's disdain for his little brother's admiration, and soon their distaste turns quickly to rage when he mercilessly attacks Edd for trying to defend Eddy by pounding him into the ground like a nail. Wait for them to come back?" ", [Sarah strains against bonds that tie her back. Quit holding up the line!" ]Edd: [stepping over Ed] "Excuse me, Ed." EDDY!" [He tosses it away. Marie? ]Rolf: "Rolf will draw forth the pitchfork of retribution!" Uncle uncle! "Eddy: "Um, I told the guys you'd put us up." Plank "whispers" something to Jonny and the two of them run off as well (Jonny only saying that Plank had read his thoughts and Jonny saying that it was time to call in "the special forces"). What are you doing here? Edd and Eddy have both taken advantage of his disability thinking that he won't understand. "[May pins him up and proceeds to nurse him with a bottle of ketchup. ]Eddy: [throwing Ed off] "GET OFF!" Kevin runs after them, carrying a metal pipe. This is followed in short order by several more. [He looks through the device. Eddy slammed his hand against Ed's mouth and he pointed out how Kevin began moving. They land on top of one another, and Captain Melonhead leaps on top of the pile of Eds. "Lee: "Nobody's askin, Marie!" Sarah sets her basket down and seethes with rage. Suddenly, he stops. This is a reference to the famous comedy team. We lost em! "Gimme my man. "[Edd leans out the window and grabs onto the merry-go-round. Just as they realize this, the kids manage to get through the door. "WE'LL SHOW THEM ALL! Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet of MovieAddictz.com gave the film an "8.2/10" rating, calling it a "double episode grand finale" that was superior to all previous Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes. He finds the employee file and opens it, only to dump the contents out; they're so old, they have crumbled into dust. ]Eddy: "Hey, muscles! Edd, feeling utterly violated, storms off with Eddy tagging merrily along behind. "Aah! "Edd: [angrier] "It's surprising, because your stubborn, inane desire to shock, sandbag and swindle is what put us here in the first place!!!! While Jimmy and Sarah were not involved or affected by the scheme, they seek to have a picnic and watch the Eds get beaten up, but run into the Kanker sisters Lee, Marie and May. "Jimmy: [after a pause] "Oh yay, Sarah! My Favorite Movie! [finishing] "I got it!" "Eddy: "Bingo!" "[While his friends frantically look for Eddy's brother, Ed stands up and slowly walks towards something he sees, as if he's in a trance. ", [Edd stands at the office door. The cork lodges in Wilfred's nose, and the pig begins to snort. You knowPipsqueak?" "Marie: "He don't look so tough. When he arrives, he has on a new cape.] "May: "Looks like someone left something in their pocket! What'd ya, fall off the back of a truck? "Edd: "A postmark should lead us directly todrat! Say, you got one of those hairpin things? [He picks up Eddy.] He milks it. "Where ya goin? Kevin then invites the Eds to his house for Jawbreakers. The next morning, Kevin, walking onwards with his bike, is trying to comprehend what has happened to Nazz, wondering if that she was getting back at him for something that Kevin had no knowledge of, but spots the silhouette of someone who appears to be Eddy. Big Picture Show by Marielle Sabbag. Remember me? [He carries them on his shoulders. "Ed: "Choo choo!" ]Nazz: "Kevin! TV Listings; After a scam goes badly wrong, Ed, Edd and Eddy are forced to hightail it from the cul-de-sac. ], [Sarah and Jimmy skip past Eddy's house, carrying a basket. ]Sarah: "You idiot! "We gotta go. "Ed: "Does it hurt, Double D? "Edd: "How can you be so certain, Eddy? "Eddy: [tearing the comic away] "Lemon Brook? It had been caused, according to Edd, by an unpredictable current that caused an inevitable collision. [ 2] A srie gira em torno de trs garotos pr-adolescentes . "I'm with him.", said Sumo, jerking a thumb at Muscle Man. There is a kiddie pool set up with a toy boat gently rocking in it. ]Kevin: "Hang on! When it comes out, it is covered with spit. [weeping] "Why oh why didn't you listen to me? Lee has a feeling that Sarah and Jimmy may know where the Eds are going, so the Kankers hold them hostage while they travel. He was the royal cook for the king of Englishland. "Jimmy: "Wilfred can't help his oily complexion, Sarah!" Remembering that Eddy's Brother used to be a whaler, the Eds immediately realize that Eddy's Brother lives in that trailer. Wait!" "Eddy: "Those chumps'll never catch us now! [A toy rat is running in circles. SHOOKEE! ]Edd: "Eddy, look! The wagon tips over, spilling its load behind May. Suddenly, a rope with a melon tied to its end goes flying. Suddenly, a crunch comes from behind him. So why didn't I follow my instincts? See? ]Edd: [on the edge] "Is that what you think? Suddenly, Eddy grabs it. ]Nazz: "Nature's so gross, Kevin. ]Kevin: "Sure could use another sandwich." "Wilfred?" Language: English Words: 4,200 . "Edd: [realizing what he said] "Oh my!" Though he makes a few jokes about the kids, even calling Edd Eddy's girlfriend, he agrees to let the Eds stay. Eddy jumps in fear and clambers over a rock to a hiding spot. "[Edd and Eddy stumble backwards and trip over the rug. [Wilfred squeals.] Kevin is spit out behind Nazz, and he runs over her with his bike sending her flying out of her pants. "Ed: "Revolt of the Rotting Brains! It'll be worse than soap in your eye! ]Ed: "I will eat you now! ]Edd: "Eddy! [Wilfred clamps down on Rolf's stomach.] Horrid! . Eddy's brother sways unsteadily and says "Uncle" as he falls weakly to the ground, having been knocked out cold. In the opening scene, the lane is shown completely destroyed. No!" In the lane, a familiar red hedge rises. [Ed lands in front of him.] The Ed-boys must not escape! ]Jonny: "Hang on buddddyyyy! ]Eddy: [to Ed] "What else you got in there, lummox? ]Nazz: [angry] "How's your bike?! "Edd: "We seem to be on a Ferris wheel! It was produced by a.k.a. I almost had em! "[Edd walks through the swamp until he reaches a dock. ]Nazz: "Kevin, stop!" ]Ed: [laughing] "Oh boy, Eddy, did you see him go flying? How apropos." "Can we please get down to the business at hand?" This likely belongs to. [Eddy kicks the door open. Where'd you learn to do that? "[Edd is vomiting into a paper bag. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth sacrificing a jawbreaker for here: These are recommendations made by Tropers for Ed, Edd n Eddy Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. The Eds embark on an epic journey to locate "Big Bro's" whereabouts. 166 Favourites. ]Kevin: "Grab him! "Kevin: [spotting the factory] "Dorks." Something big happened because everyone's angry, chasing after them to give them their just desserts!" "You got spunk. [leaping into the air ecstatically] "WE'RE HERE!" "[Behind Rolf's back is a shoe. "Eddy: [offscreen] "Bro no! "[The Eds run to the front doors of the factory. He marks the cabinet with a label and goes to find Eddy and Ed, who have mysteriously vanished. "Edd: "Hurry please, I'm afraid I can't hold on for much longer gentlemen! "Edd: "Dare I ask?" Among the destroyed items are a record and a bowling ball. Started January 2020. ededdneddyxreader. [Ed bursts into his room, knocking the door off its hinges and into the back wall. Honest! Though they both tumble down the waterfall, both are unharmed, Eddy saving them with a trick his brother taught him. [12], Critics have praised Big Picture Show as a strong conclusion to the series. "[Ed arrives, and Eddy smiles evilly. Aw, bro, what'd I do without you!" "Kevin: "Nazz! Kevin rides his bike past the school. [He spins Plank's chair around.] However, they manage to break free of the Kankers thanks to a clever ploy on Sarah's part, slamming a paint can on Lee's hand, while Marie, lunging forward, accidentally impales herself and Lee through a tree, leading to May attempting to recapture Sarah and Jimmy herself. Jonny and Plank subsequently arrive and, without giving anyone a chance to explain what happened, quickly attack the Eds. Ed amuses himself by drawing a picture of Eddy on a cow's udders, until Edd takes the crayon he was using to make a chart. No sudden movements now. I'm pretty sure they won't be going back to the cul-de-sac. It rolls up, revealing a vent. Oh! "[Edd slams the cabinet shut and is thanked with a cloud of dust to his face. The fans were pleased by the ending, but many were upset that they couldn't hear the post-credit roll scene with Jonny and Plank becoming villains due to it being overshadowed by a commercial. He goes on to admit that everything he's done has been wrong: scams, lying about his brother, and the preceding events, then asks in despair if he will ever learn. Unfortunately for the viewer, Edd's head is . ]Kevin: [ranting] "I can't believe it! Nazz's eyes bulge. "BIG BRO! Upon arriving, they discover the factory has been shut down, and Edd cannot find any clues in the office. NO! It's those twerps! Jonny then runs up carrying Plank. They conclude that Eddy's brother works there and find his whale-resembling trailer. Immediately recognizing Rolf as one of the Eds' pursuers, they immediately take him as their prisoner. Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy) Edd "Double D" Eddy (Ed Edd n Eddy) Kevin (Ed Edd n Eddy) Rolf (Ed Edd n Eddy) Jimmy (Ed Edd n Eddy) Jonny 2x4; Sarah (Ed Edd n Eddy) Nazz (Ed Edd n Eddy) Eddy's Brother (Ed Edd n Eddy) Aged-Up Character(s) au where big picture show never happened; Suicide Attempt; Hurt/Comfort; Angst with a Happy Ending; Depression; Other . ]Sarah: [following him in] "I swear if he eats one more corn dog off the ground, I'll"Marie: "Look! He tries again and runs into it again. [He runs after Ed. They pass by a mountain of trash. "Eddy: "And" [clutching them close] "If any of those losers find us there, they'll be mailed back to Peach Creek in a body cast. ", A screenshot of Ed and Eddy laughing at the word "sextant" was used for the image of the "Inside Joke" card in the. ]Sarah: "Ew that's so gross! "Edd: "Mister Eddy's brother! [from a telephone pole] "BRO! Edd's (Double D) log: Monday May 31st, 2010 10:00 a.m. It's hard to believe that almost the entire year had passed after all the trouble we caused with the last scam Eddy had concocted, which made Kevin, Rolf, Nazz and Johnny chase us all out of the Cul-de-sac out of anger. He gropes for shore; finding it, he hauls himself up. ]Edd: [angrily resetting the device] "Yes, well, it's all fun and games, but merrymaking nearly cost us this sextant! Unfortunately, it also knocks May off balance so that she can't aim her slingshot. Stay calm. "Jonny: "Plank's freaking out! Peeling it off, he has Wilfred sniff it to get the scent. Jimmy tells them what he knows upon seeing this and the Kankers, determined that no harm will come to their "Boyfriends", decide to hunt the other kids to help the Eds. You're gonna wreck it! ]Captain Melonhead: "PLAAAAAANK!!!! ]Kevin: [crushing the rat] "Those three two-timing twerps are really getting to me, man. According to EEnE fansite Edtropolis.com, the movie had a private screening at Rio Theatre in Vancouver, on April 1, on A.K.A. Save yourselves!" Jonny! Rolf will draw forth the"Nazz: "Wait up, Kev!" "Sarah: [rolling her eyes] "Okay, but you're really gonna miss a doozy! Rolf's wheel slams into the back of the car, and he and Wilfred fly upward. Calle! ]Edd: "By the authority vested in me, sanctioned by moi, I hereby christen this seaworthy vessel, the esteemed, um" [reading the writing on the side] "S. S. Mutant Almost A Chicken Duck?" [He rubs Eddy's armpit. It is unknown of how this will affect the Urban Rangers . "Eddy: "And he's got a peg leg too! [He reaches solid ground. Since Eddy does not actually know where he lives, Edd (called Double D) tries to piece together Eddy's inconsistent facts about him to determine a location. "Oh, pardon me. When he does so, he breaks the tree in three and falls in the water. Rolf stands alone, swearing to spit the Eds upon his pitchfork in revenge. ]Eddy: "In your dreams! Foul!" "Jimmy: "What'd she ever do to you?" I'm getting some shut-eye." Cartoon Network's Ed, Edd n Eddy is a show revolving around three friends with similar names who come up with various schemes to earn money for jawbreakers. Keenan Christensen as Jimmy, an insecure, accident-prone boy who is a close companion of Sarah. AAH! "[An arm reaches through the space where the doorknob used to be. "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: "My melon rind senses trouble, chum!" ], Voice Actors:Matt Hill (Ed)Samuel Vincent (Edd)Tony Sampson (Eddy)Keenan Christensen (Jimmy)David Paul Grove (Jonny)Janyse Jaud (Sarah, Lee)Kathleen Barr (Kevin, Marie)Erin Fitzgerald (Nazz, May)Peter Kelamis (Rolf)Terry Klassen (Eddy's Brother), Character/Prop Design:Cory ToomeyHyuck Lee, Additional Storyboard Artists:Sabrina AlberghettiSheranne JohnsonSimon Piniel, Supervising Animation Director:Marlene Robinson May, Exposure Sheet Directors:Ron CampbellSherann JohnsonKaren PetersonMarlene Robinson May, Animation Directors:Kwang Jin KimChul Ki Kwon, Assistant to the Animation Director:Theresa Pukarnyk, Sound Effects Editors:Jeff DavisDean GiammarcoBill Sheppard, Dialogue Editors:Johnny LudgateJeremy Duayne Elzinga, Audio Technical Support:Gordon SprouleRobert Hunter, Studio Audio Assistants:David LivingstoneElla Pincknery. ]Ed: [showing off his artwork] "I drew a picture for your brother, Eddy! ]Captain Melonhead: [scared] "Plank!?!?" . Oh I love them to death I do! "Eddy: [smug] "Forget to pay the brain bill? Kevin then rips the door open. What do you think? ]Edd: "Your shirt, Eddy. That I'm here to impress your brother?" "[Sarah growls, but then gets an idea. "Marie: "You'd lose your head if it weren't nailed down. "Edd: [creating a rope from vines as his friends cry for help] "Stay calm, don't panic." We gotta get those dorks before they get there. "[Sarah skips into the trailer park. 13 Is Unlucky: Among the Minimalist Cast of the show, Eddy's Brother is the thirteenth character to be revealed; and boy howdy, is he unlucky. He posted that the movie footage was in 16:9 widescreen (a first for Ed, Edd n Eddy), Kevin on his bike and Rolf wearing warpaint and riding Wilfred chasing The Eds in Eddy's brother's car in the junkyard, Ed powering the car by carrying it and Eddy "steering" the car (with only his three hairs visible). ", [Edd is snoring peacefully away. Eddy finally reveals himself and merely stares blankly upwards and tearfully admits to everyone that he made up everything that he ever said about his brother. He cuts a more pitiful figure than most, though. ]Eddy: [exhausted] "Bro! [She pulls Jimmy out from the pile. Carter also called this "the perfect homage to a show about imperfect people" and stated it featured "deep and profound personal experiences that lead to significant growth". ", [Eddy is shoving things into his suitcase. Catching a foul odor, he awakens. Rolf, dazed by the blow, staggers around in the middle of the road. "[Ed and Eddy abruptly stop. His foot catches on the seats in which his friends are sitting, and he gets in with them. "[The kids grab Eddy and toss him in the air, catching him each time, and celebrating his victory. [to Edd] "Ah, the what? ]Ed: "Ed pooped. "Edd: "It's commonly known as a sextant, Eddy" [Ed and Eddy burst into laughter. Pardon me! "Ed: "C'mon, Eddy, have a heart! "Everyone loves us, we're finally in, baby!" "And it only took 130 episode, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy." I wouldn't miss this Ed-thrashing for all the shoulder pads in the world! I am Ed! This is one of these 90's shows I remember watching along with SpongeBob SquarePants and Courage the Cowardly Dog. "[Ed releases the car door briefly and grabs at the steering wheel. "Kevin: [as the kids untie one another] "Eddy and his two stooges got away with their lives, man. "Edd: [gulping] "Oh my. "[Ed trips over the vacuum and lands on Eddy. "Eddy: [taking out his wallet] "Ta-da!" The Eds, still at the waterfall, are building their boat to freedom. Everyone else except for Jonny and Plank arrive soon afterwards. The boy looks exhausted, as though he's been up all night. A forest substrate. ]Eddy: "Our problems are over, boys!" Nazz and Jonny rejoin the chase. Another trailer specifically for the movie was released on Cartoon Network's website and YouTube (courtesy of Bunji from The3Eds) showcasing various scenes from the movie, but trying not to spoil it too much. . Suddenly, it bursts open, scattering its contents all over the room. IT'S ME! When he finally does so, he tries to lift it, but finds it too heavy. ]Eddy: "More bricks, Double D! Spying his incomplete checkers game, he runs and hides under the board and then crawls off, carrying it on his back. Below is a List of Fanfic Stubs by the fans of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Once Captain Melonhead sees the inside of the bus, though, his courage wavers. "[Kevin opens a drawer and finds a bunch of chattering teeth. Rolf is knocked backwards by the blow, but some good comes of this; the helmet breaks, allowing Rolf to see again. The lights come on and a bell rings. [Eddy grins, glad his friends still accept him. It's a shortcut." "Eddy: "Get in, get in! [He tries to pull himself free, and instead pulls him to another rock before getting loose. At that moment, a drawer behind her slides open, bashing her on the head again. Edd eventually releases his grip on the merry-go-round, sending the car (and the Eds) flying off through the sky, up and out of the Cul-de-Sac, and eventually out of Peach Creek all together. ]Edd: "Oh, now look what we've done! Funny, isn't it, how it's always my fault when yet another of your amazing scams goes awry! She falls on a lever, causing the factory to spontaneously start up again. ]Ed: "Ahh, comfy." He decided to cut the sixth season short so they could focus more on creating this movie, entitled Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. I just made things up so people would like me. [Sarah, the cameraman and director, looks up unhappily. The Cul-de-sac Crew are together again for more shenanigans. While Ed plays in the water, Edd then says that maybe Eddy's Brother would be more apt to talking about Eddy's and Ed's immature behavior. ]Marie: "Pinocchio head." The door breaks loose from this one, and is quickly followed with the other hinge giving way. "Eddy: "Why you dirty"Ed: "Tag! ]Rolf: "Let Rolf rub the pit of victory, Ed-boy!"

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